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Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) Notes

Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)

 – It can check the connection status between two layer 3 devices in the periods of milliseconds and inform the upper layer routing protocol to take action

 – Supported protocols

     -> OSPF

     -> IS-IS

     -> EIGRP

     -> BGP


 – Keepalive parameters

     -> Sending / receiving frequency

     -> Multiplier

 – Associating it with routing protocols

int s0/0

 bfd interval <ms> min-rc <ms> multiplier <number>


router eigrp 1

 bfd { interface <int> | all-interfaces }


router ospf 1

 bfd all-interfaces

     – or –

int s0/0

 ip ospf bfd [disabled]


router isis ABC

 bdf all-interfaces

     – or –

int s0/0

 isis bfd [disable]


router bgp 100

 neighbor <ip add> fall-over bfd

sh bfd neighbors

sh bfd neighbors detail

BFD only works if both sides are configured

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