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IPv6 Multicast Notes

IPv6 Multicast

 – IGMP is now -> Multicast Listen Discovery (MLD)

     -> IGMPv1 -> no longer supported

     -> IGMPv2 -> MLDv1

     -> IGMPv3 -> MLDv2

ip igmp … -> ipv6 mld …

ipv6 multicast-routing

 – Activates PIM-SM on all interfaces

 – Only PIMv2 is supported with sparse mode

 – There is no dense mode in IPv6

To disable PIM-SM on an interface

int fa0/0

 no ipv6 pim

Configuring RP

 – Manual

ipv6 pim rp-address <ipv6 add> [<acl>]

 – Dynamic

     -> BSR

     -> Embedded RP

Configuring BSR


ipv6 pim bsr candidate rp <int> [group-list <acl>]


ipv6 pim bsr candidate bsr <int> [hash-mode]

Embedded RP

R1(config)# ipv6 pim rp-address 2001:1:2:3::1

FF7x:0YZZ:<first 4 blocks of RP address>:<last 2 blocks of multicast address>

 – x – scope

     -> always use 5 (site-local)

     -> or E (global)

     -> 2 (link-local) is not used

 – Y – Last block of RP address

 – ZZ – prefix-length of RP in hexidecimal format


RP address network portion has to be 4 blocks, subnet mask /64

For IPv6, SSM reserved range is

     -> FF3X::

sh ip pim rp mapping

sh ip pim bsr-router

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