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Multicast Source Specific Multicast (SSM) Notes

Multicast Source Specific Multicast (SSM)

Configuring SSM

 1. Activate PIM-SM everywhere

     -> Does not work with DM

 2. Configure every router for SSM

 3. On LHR, activate IGMPv3 on client facing interfaces

R1(config)# ip multicast-routing

int fa0/0

 ip pim sparse-mode

int s0/0

 ip pim sparse-mode

ip pim ssm { default | range <acl> }

 – default

     ->232.x.x.x only

 – <acl>

     -> Any other group specified

R1(config)# access-list 1 permit

ip pim ssm range 1

R3(config)# int fa0/0

 ip igmp version 3

 ip igmp join-group source

     -> To configure the router as a receiver

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