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Multicast Bidirectional PIM Notes

Multicast Bidirectional PIM 

Sources don’t register anymore

 – BIDIR-PIM is a two-way multicast tree which is originated at the RP and goes to all LHRs

 – Sources can start directly sending traffic to the RP without registering

     -> RP will receive the multicast traffic

          -> If there are no receivers, the traffic is dropped

 – The receiver must send (*,g) join messages to the RP

 – After receving the first multicast traffic, the receivers do not try to switch to SPT (s,g)

Configuring BIDIR-PIM

 1. Activate BIDIR on all routers

ip pim bidir enable

 2. Activate RP for BIDIR operations

     -> Manual

ip pim rp-address <ip add> bidir

     -> Auto-RP

ip pim send-rp-announce <int> scope <ttl> bidir

     -> BSR – RP

ip pim rp-candidate <int> bidir

sh ip pim rp mapping

sh ip mroute

     -> Will always show (*,g)


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