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BGP as the PE – CE Protocol Notes

BGP as the PE – CE Protocol

When R1 sends an update to R4 with R5’s information, the update will include AS 50 in the AS-PATH.  R4 will see 50 in the AS-PATH and drop the update.  There are two solutions that will allow R4 to accept the update.

 – osi

     -> PE side solution

 – allowas-in

     -> CE side solution

R1(config)# ip vrf c1b1

 rd 1:1

 route-target both 1:1

int s0/0

 ip vrf forwarding c1b1

router bgp 100

 neighbor remote-as 100

 neighbor update-source lo0

 address-family vpnv4 unicast

  neighbor activate

 address-familty ipv4 vrf c1b1

  neighbor remote-as 50

  neighbor as-override

     -> PE side solution

R4(config)# router bgp 50

 neighbor remote-as 100

 neighbor allowas-in

     -> CE side solution

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