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IPv6 RIPng Notes

IPv6 RIPng

 – RIP Next Generation

 – RIPv2

 – Classless

 – Supports authentication

 – Multicast FF02::9

 – Timers are the same as RIPv2

 – Network command is no longer present

R1(config)# int s0/0

 ipv6 rip <name or number> enable

     -> The name or number is locally significant

int lo0

 ipv6 rip CISCO enable

sh ipv6 route

sh ipv6 rip CISCO

sh ipv6 protocol


R1(config)# int s0/0

 ipv6 rip CISCO summary <address/nm>

Default Routing

R1(config)# int s0/0

 ipv6 rip CISCO default-information originate [only]

only – injects a default route and suppresses everything else


 – Only supports prefix-lists

ipv6 prefix-list <name> permit | deny <address/nm>

ipv6 router rip CISCO

 distribute-list prefix <name> in | out <interface>

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